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Want to cheat texas holdem more easily with luminous ink?

Cheating in poker games is an art by itself. The methods used in poker games are similar to magic show. It's common to see that the magician play the magic show on TV. Their show look incredible and amazing. Exactly, they just use some cheating shills such as making a small defects on the back of the cards, blending cards or wearing cards down. However, it will be a failure if you apply those methods to texas hold'em poker games. Because it is out of style and easily caught by other players. Indeed, there is a new method that poker players can mark their cards with luminous ink and have no risk cheating in poker games perfectly with a high rate of success.
Luminous ink has hit the texas hold'em industry in such a short time. Luminous ink is an invisible ink based substance that is only seen by a red filtered lenses. There are two types lenses: contact lenses and sunglasses.
So, when you are hosting the poker games, making invisible ink marked cards is no problem. Then, wearing the red filtered lenses can help you read the mark on the cards. And you do not need to worried about being detected because those filtered lenses look like normal contact lenses and sunglasses. But what you can do with luminous ink when you are invited to a home games? It is a simple problem to solve. Making a preparation that soak a sponge or cloth in luminous ink in advance in your pocket, then finding the cards you want to mark, and finally mark the cards with your finger dabbing the sponge or cloth. To be mentioned, make sure the luminous ink is in a baggy of some sort so you do not make a mess.
All in all, luminous ink is a new method to marked the poker cards which only can be read by infrared or ultraviolet contact lenses or sunglasses.

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