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Cheating marked playing cards

With the poker games sweeping all over the world, the marked cheating cards have been born for this. We divide the marked cards into two kinds -- back marked playing cards and side marked playing cards. And there are two types of back marked cards--back marked cards for perspective glasses and back marked cards for scanning camera. Those back marked cards that are made by using luminous ink, infrared ink, ultraviolet ink can be seen by IR/UR contact lenses or sunglasses. And the rest that are made by the second, fifth and eighth generation laser ink can be seen by poker camera, whose result will show on the screen on the backstage. Side marked playing cards are intended for poker analyzer system, which works with poker scanning camera, poker analyzer and mini spy earphone.
Various back poker marked cards and side marked poker cards are available from our company. If you are interested, welcome to contact us.

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