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Car Key Poker Camera For Poker Cheating

Our car key poker camera is available in several different auto brands, like Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Audi and so on.

As poker cameras, our car key cameras look exactly the same as those people commonly use in daily life. They have been installed with a poker camera lens inside, which, with good concealment, is not easy to be found even if you check the car keys carefully.

The function of the poker camera lens is to first scan barcode marked cards quickly, then collect the cards’ information accurately, and last transfer the collected data to your poker analyzer immediately, no matter it’s PK King, CVK or AKK series. As soon as your poker analyzer completes the analysis of the data, it will tell you who has got the best poker hand. You need to wear a tiny earpiece to hear the results reported by the poker analyzer.

In order for the poker camera lens to work efficiently, you normally need to keep the car key 20 to 40cm from edge marked cards. If you prefer to customize the scanning distance according to your own needs, we can satisfy your demand as well.

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