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Car Key Playing Cards Scanner To Scan Barcode Playing Cards

Cars are widely spread all over world, and almost every family owns a car. Do you believe that we can take use of car key to be one of poker cheating devices? Car key camera lens can help you cheat in poker games.
There is no difference between car key camera and normal car key in appearance. This car key camera is used to scan marked cards and then send the signal to the poker analyzer to analyze the poker results for card player. The good point of this device is that it is very small and portable, and nobody will pay attention to it even put on the poker table. The car key camera works in a highly effective way for poker analyzer. It supports any kind of poker analyzer in the world. With them, the poker cheating can finish successfully. Meanwhile, winning the games is easy for you.
The car key camera can be used in many poker games such as Texas Holdem, Baccarat, Omaha and so on. If you take a taste for it, just contact us. Besides, the poker analyzers are available for you.

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