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Buy marked playing cards

There are many poker players and magicians who don't know where to buy marked playing cards, because there are so many marked cards suppliers in the market, now this is not the question for them again. As a professional cards marking supplier, we have developed many kinds of marked playing cards for magic show and poker games. The marked cards can be used to win games in an easier and effective way. 
There are different types of marked playing cards applied to poker playing games under different poker cheating conditions. There are main back marked cards for IR/UV readers reading, back marked cards read by spy camera, barcode marked card for poker analyzer system and laser marked cards to be recognized by spy camera. If you need cards with large quantities, we will give you a wholesale price. Different brands of cards can be processed perfectly by us. In addition, the paper cards or plastic ones can be marked in line with your requirements. With the marked playing cards and their related devices at poker games, you are able to know the poker results in advance. Thus, winning will be increased largely. The cards marked will keep good hand feel and shape of original cards so that other players will not find any different from the marked cards and common ones.
In addition, your cards can be processed by us and we will try our best to mark your cards perfectly.


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