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T-shirt button poker camera for marked playing cards

In order not to be suspected by other players in poker games, we manufacturer combine the deceitful poker device with daily items, such as power bank poker scanner, car key poker scanner, water bottle poker scanner, lighter poker scanner, button poker scanner and etc. Button poker scanner is the main character. Today, I want to talk something about T-shirt button camera.
A mini poker camera is installed in the button of your T-shirt, either chest button or cuff button is all up to you. Your T-shirt with the mini camera looks no difference front the ordinary one. So you do not dare to make a solid move in poker games because of fear. During the process of the poker games, you just need to keep the button 9-21 cm from the barcode marked playing cards so that it scan the cards with high speed and high rate of accuracy. And the battery of the button is rechargeable and low consumed, which can be used up to 4 hours. Wan to find some item with a better concealable, all you can find in our company.

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