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Brown Leather LV Wallet Double Lens Camera For Poker Analyzer

This is new brand LV wallet, it is a real wallet which you can put your money and name card and bank cards inside, but it is also a camera for poker analyzer. It is a wallet double lens to scan bar-codes edge marked cards, the distance is about 30cm, as it is a double camera, so that the width of wallet double camera can scan more big area and you will be able to have bigger position to put your marked cards to be scanned. We can make a remote control to turn the camera on and off, we also can make a switch inside the wallet for you to turn the camera on and off, it will depend on your choice.
This LV wallet double camera can be made for all generations of poker analyzers, for computer poker software, poker scanner camera, poker predictor. It is very easy to be hide when you play poker games in casinos or poker clubs or house game, as no one will discover that your wallet is a poker cheat device. We also can make built-in battery or changeable battery for you, so that it will be more convenient for you to play poker games and don't need battery life.

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