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Blackjack poker winner predictor scanning system

This winner predictor scans and transmits the information regarding the future winners of the current game in 0.1 seconds, representing one of the strongest “playing cards tricks” The device will help you know information about the game even before the dealer deals the playing cards, its transmission being made wireless, directly in a micro earphone.
By purchasing this poker winner scanning system, you have full control over all the players involved in all the existing games, while also maintaining the highest level of privacy, since you don’t need a partner. You can use this system by yourself, without another person’s help.
The system gives you the ability to know all the playing cards from a deck, from the first to the last one.
You can choose from several models of prediction scanners: mobile phone, cigarette lighter, ashtray, wallet, painting, etc.
The system works like this: the hidden scanner scans the marked playing cards in 0.1 seconds. The results are transmitted directly into a micro earphone, without anyone noticing.

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