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Black power bank camera

Our company is a professional manufacturer to provide many different poker cheating devices to help players to win lots of money. We also can processed some ordinary items into some special poker cheating device, including power bank, cigarette box, lighter, water bottle and so on. Today, I would like to share a black power bank with you.

Our power bank is like a common power bank can be used to charge universal cell phone but with an internal poker camera. We fixed a dynamic camera lens into the power bank which is able to scan the barcode marked cards with high speed and absolute accuracy. This kind of black power bank features a fast scanning speed and wide scanning range: the scanning height is 30 cm and the scanning width is 35cm. It can scan the marked cards whatever they are put on the table, held in hand or keeping moving.

Power bank poker camera need to work with cell phone poker analyzer, which can be charged by the power bank and analyze the data of marked cards at the same time. The black power bank is the most concealable so far in the market. No one can find out the secret of our power bank.

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