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Best Way To Mark Cards

To own a set of tools for making poker cards is necessary -- poker printers and invisible ink.

We have UV and IR invisible ink for sale, both can be used to make both back marked cards ( the marks, indicating the suits and numbers, are printed in the middle or on the white board of the card back ) and barcode marked card ( the marks, indicating the bar-codes, are printed along the edge of the cards ). The IR invisible ink are dark blue and the UV invisible ink are red, both smelling tasteless. With the invisible ink, our poker printers can process any kind of playing cards into marked cards, no matter they are plastic cards or paper cards and you can write your special marks on the card back or on the four edge sides

When you get the special ink, what should you do to make marked cards? That’s easy and there are just two steps:

First, apply a little ink on card surface and write marks on the back or edges using the invisible pen.

Second, wait till the ink gets dry. Then you could see those marks with the help of IR sunglasses, IR contact lenses, spy camera lenses or other poker cameras.

Invisible ink is a necessary tool for marking cards. If you want to make marked cards by yourself, it would be a smart idea for you to approach us for our invisible ink.

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