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Bee Luminous Ink Marked Cards

Bee brand is a famous American brand of poker cards. And we have these Bee invisible marked cards poker for cheating Texas hold’em, Blackjack, Baccarat, Omaha and other kinds of poker games.

Bee luminous ink marked cards are made of paper bee regular cards. Some people who want to play game with friends at home game like to choose to use the Bee invisible marked cards poker. Because it has a soft touching and could not cause the attention of other poker players, so this kind of luminous ink marked cards have been popular amongst all invisible marked cards. Bee invisible marked cards poker have two kinds: Barcode invisible marked cards and back invisible marked cards. Each of them uses different poker cheating devices. Back invisible marked cards are with special contact lenses or spy camera system. And the barcode marked cards are with poker analyzer cheating system. These marks on the back are different, and we could make them according the demand of our customers.

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