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Bee invisible ink marked cards

Bee marked playing cards was designed with a bee on the back of the cards, widely used in casino around the worlds, which enjoys a pretty long history in poker games.
There are various types of Bee poker marked cards, including Bumble Bee regular index marked cards, Bee club special standard size marked playing cards, Bee WPT luminous invisible ink marked deck and so on. Bee invisible ink marked cards was printed an invisible marking on the back with invisible ink or luminous ink. Those inks only can be seen by wearing the luminous ink reader infrared contact lenses or marked cards sunglasses. They have no difference from the normal poker playing cards so that our bare eyes cannot tell the difference.
If you already have Bee marked cards, that's ok, Fournier luminous marked poker cards, Modiano marked playing cards, Copag luminous ink marked cards, etc are also available in our company. We also can help you process the common poker cards into marked poker cards.

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