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Barcode invisible marked cards for poker analyzer

Barcode invisible marked cards are one of the widely using invisible marked cards. When you some poker cheating devices, the barcode invisible marked cards are necessary to join the cheating games. So you can know how the barcode invisible marked cards work with poker analyzer system.

Poker analyzer system includes: a poker analyzer, barcode invisible marked cards, mini earpiece. There is an HD camera lens which is set inside the poker analyzer, barcode invisible marked cards can be scanned by the poker analyzer camera. After a series of analyzing, you can know the poker game result. These barcode invisible marked cards have been processed by us before. We use the advanced invisible ink and poker printer to mark them, so there are many barcodes as the marks. When you are playing Texas Holdem or Omaha games, you can know the winners in advance. After you know the winners, you can decide to continue or fold. This is a good product in our company and many poker players want to buy it.

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