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Back marked cards can be seen by the lamp spy camera

We can processed any kind of lamps into a special lamp which is one of the best concealable poker cheating device helping you win lots of money in poker games.

Usually, we install a min internal spy camera inside the lamp that make it the best assistance in poker games. This kind of lamp spy camera is designed to scan the back marked cards. Back marked cards is printed the invisible marks on the back of poker cards with invisible luminous ink. In the process of your poker games with back invisible ink marked cards, the things you need to do is turn on the spy camera inside the lamp. The spy lamp camera collect the marks of back marked cards and then transmitter will send the data to a TV on the backstage. You can read the result directly from the screen.

Knowing the result of the games in advance, you will get more chance to win the games. The lamp spy camera is good for many kinds of games like Omaha, Texas, Blackjack and others game.

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