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AKK K30 poker analyzer

AKK K30 poker analyzers is one of AKK poker analyzers with a high technology. It is an all-in-one poker analyzer.

All-in-one poker analyzer means that AKK K30 poker analyzer can not only decode the barcode marked cards but also scan the barcode mark of marked cards with an external poker scanning camera. Of course, you can also add an extra poker scanning camera if you like to work with K30 poker analyzer.

AKK K 30 poker analyzer is a normal smart cell phone so that you can also use it to make a phone call, send a message, listen to music and so on. Thus it is pretty hard for others to detect its security.

AKK K 30 poker analyzer usually work with a remote controller which can change the number of players on poker analyzer secretly. In addition to Baccarat, AKK K30 poker analyzer can be used in Texas Holdem, Omaha, Andar Barhar, Flush and etc.


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