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A perfect poker analyzer in poker games

Samsung mobile phone is a perfect poker cheating device for winning lots of money in poker games. Because it is a real Samsung mobile phone with a software inside so that it is difficult for other to discover the secret of Samsung cell phone poker analyzer.

A micro software is installed inside the Samsung cell phone which is able to decode the invisible barcode accepted from poker camera and send the result by mini earphone. You can put it into your pocket or on the poker table while you are playing poker games. Then it can work automatically with high speed, precision accuracy and strong stability.

As we mentioned before, the Samsung mobile phone need to work together with poker camera like lighter camera, car key camera, water bottle camera, cigarette camera ashtray camera and so on. You can use Samsung mobile phone poker analyzer in any kind of poker games as you like. With the help of Samsung mobile phone poker analyzer, you can know in advance the biggest winner, the first and second winner and the rank of each poker player.

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