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Whether the x ray contact lenses exist or not?

Many old customer have asked us the same question, do you have x ray contact lenses for regular plastic or paper poker playing cards? To be honest, I was confused by this question.

I was told that those kind of x ray contact lenses can read the regular playing cards no matter plastic cards or paper one without being marked with invisible ink. They were totally different from the infrared or ultraviolet contact lenses. The users could be unstoppable by wearing the x ray contact lenses in poker games. What a sweat future the fakers have draw to the players.

Even sometimes I would ask me the same question. With this confusion, I decide to look through some website to find the answer. Of course the answer is negative. There is no such a powerful and amazing products called x ray contact lenses. If you are told that their company have such x ray contact lenses, be careful.

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