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One to one contact lenses make your poker games safer

Now, an increasing number of people get familiar with marked playing cards and UV/IR contact lenses, therefore, most of them have learned to how to detect marked cards and contact lenses. Common marked poker cards and UV/IR contact lenses are not safer for them. They are going to search some marked cards and contact lenses safer and more secretive. If so, our one to one contact lenses and marked playing cards are the best choice for you. One to one marked cards is printed with an unique and special luminous invisible ink, which cannot been seen by ordinary UV/IR contact lenses. When you are playing poker games, only your one to one contact lenses can see the unique invisible ink on the back of the cards. Players around you wearing the common infrared contact lenses see nothing on the back of cards. What an wonderful product with lower risk and more chance of win.

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