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9mm contact lenses for Blackjack

Size of contact lenses depend on the size of your iris. There are different sizes of contact lenses, such as 4mm contact lenses, 6mm contact lenses, 7mm contact lenses and 9mm contact lenses. For Blackjack poker game, the 9mm contact lenses are the most powerful and useful poker readers for winning money.

When you wear the 9mm contact lenses at Blackjack, you can see the invisible marks on the back of marked cards clearly. But without contact lenses, you see nothing on the back of marked cards. The 9mm contact lenses also have different colors for different color of eyes. What's more, the contact lenses will not change your original eyes color. It is soft and harmless for your eyes. Wearing the 9mm contact lenses at Blackjack, you can know the suits and numbers of marked cards in advance by seeing through the invisible marks.

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